September 13, 2016

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016
6:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by President Wells at 6pm.

Members Present: Doris Heaton, Sammy Kraft, Kathy Storey, and Sue Wells

Also Present: Susan Stickel, Director

Members Absent: Stephanie Hart, Christopher Lowery and Jake Seymour

Motion by Kathy Storey, seconded by Sammy Kraft to approve the August Minutes passed

Motion by Doris Heaton, seconded by Sammy Kraft to approve payment of bills and financials passed with a request from Doris Heaton to add an additional budget related sheet. Kathy Storey has an example that she will give to Susan Stickel.

Librarian’s Report
The following maintenance issues were taken care of this past month: Locks were placed on the cabinets in the children’s room, drainage pipe issue on north side of building, south wall repainted for art work displays, fire/burglar box repositioned at fire department request, lilac bush trimmed, weeping cherry bag worms removed, picnic tables coated with Thompson’s Water Seal.
Susan reported the kitchen area has been organized and cleaned. Currently the circ desk area, meeting room and children’s area are being organized by staff. Mechanical closets are now empty of chairs that are now in the storage shed. Henry Stickel has organized the shed. Susan plans to begin work on the storage room in November.
The library has received two art donations this past month and and a flag box was handcrafted and made for the library. Art work was given by Biki Andres Chaplain and Barbara Marlene Bennett Webb. The flag box was made by the Wyskiels. Thank you notes have been mailed. Susan is currently working with Benton Middle School art department on a display for the library.
The library received the first Pepsi commission check this month thanks to the diligence of staff member Barb Schmidt.
The copy machine leases expires in December. Susan will check pricing on updated models.
Statement of Candidacy Packets arrived last week. Susan reported September 20th as the first day to circulate petitions. Doris made the motion, Sammy Kraft seconded to appoint Susan Stickel as Election Officer. Motion passed.

Old Business:

President Wells talked to an attorney in Mt Vernon who explained the statute of limitations. She is sorting through boxes trying to find the manufacturer of the type of shingles that are on the building. She spoke to Wilbur VanHorn, longtime roofing contractor about the current situation. Susan is to contact Wilbur in hopes of identifying the shingle manufacturer.

The subject of program director has been tabled at this time. The job description and duties of program director were briefly discussed. Designated weekly hours/days at the library vs prn.

New Business:

Susan Stickel requested permission to set up a non-book sale table/fundraiser to benefit the library. It was decided another fundraiser sale would be held in the fall.

Meeting adjourned 6:37.

Susan Stickel