October 11, 2016

OCTOBER 11, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 6:22 by Stephanie Hart.

Members Present: Stephanie Hart, Sammy Kraft, Christopher Lowery, Jake Seymour (by phone conference), and Kathy Storey.

Also Present: Susan Stickel, Director, and Henry Stickel.

Members absent: Doris Heaton and Sue Wells

Motion by Kathy Storey, seconded by Stephanie Hart to approve payment of bills and financial reports passed.

Librarian’s Report:
The Centennial Fund has a balance of $821.39.
Insurance Appraisal Report was distributed to members.
Two more framed art donations received. Mack Wynn to donate wildlife carving soon.
Fundraiser Sale Friday, November 4th, 9:00-4:00. Remaining donated to food pantry.
Concrete Sign-two lights need replacing

Old Business:

Regarding the roof, the type of shingle currently on the building is a Tamko, Rustic Evergreen, with a 30 year warranty.

A decision to purchase a tree for the front lawn was made at the June 14, 2016 board meeting. Jake is to make arrangements with Plantscape Nursery. He and Doris discussed types of trees and because of the brilliant foliage in Autumn, they have recommended the Red Maple. All of the board were in agreement this was an ideal choice for the library. The tree will be purchased with remaining funds that were budgeted for the Centennial Celebration. In addition, the beautiful monument from the celebration will be placed near the tree. Because of the condition of the oak tree to the south of the statue, the Red Maple will need to be placed north of the statue to allow for workers to remove diseased trees on the property. Plans are to do this project mid November of this year.

The library received a donation and the donor mentioned she would like to see new window shades in the meeting room. She had stated she thought the window shades at Benton McDonald’s would work well in the meeting room. Susan will gather necessary information regarding this. If the quote is more than what the donor has given, Jake suggested we approach McDonald’s for a donation towards the balance.

New Business:

Ordinance #104-16 LEVYING AND ASSESSING MUNICIPAL TAX was passed unanimously on a roll call vote. Motion by Sammy Kraft, seconded by Christopher Lowery to approve Ordinance #104-16.

Ordinance #105-16 BOARD MEETING DATES will be addressed at the November 8th 2016 meeting.

Susan informed everyone about the copy machine lease expiration in December. She is [rice checking. Kathy Storey suggested she inquire about purchasing the existing one. Susan wi8ll check on this and report at the next meeting.

Henry Stickel gave an informative talk about a possible rocket program for the youth.He has checked with the Estes Company on prices. He stated they have quality materials at reasonable prices. Jake requested Susan talk to Rea Insurance before plans are finalized.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:15

Susan Stickel