January 14, 2015




January 14, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Doris Heaton.

Members Present: Doris Heaton, President; Sammy Kraft, Secretary; Pam Appleton, and Sue Wells.

Program Director Debby Appleton spoke about the programs that have and will occur at the library and the positive reception from the public. She introduced a 2015 Reading Challenge. This challenge consists of 44 reading categories that people should read from during the year. Some categories include a book with a one word title, a book with a color in the title, and a funny book. This challenge can be done by all ages and will stimulate interest and reading by our patrons.

Old Business: The open position of Library Director will be advertised more widely with the request for a degree in library science or a related degree.

A requisition form will be used for all purchases by staff.

New Business: Following a discussion regarding removable chair covers for the chairs in the computer room, a motion was made by Sammy Kraft, seconded by Pam Appleton to not purchase the covers.

The governmental reimbursement for mileage was raised to fifty seven and one-half cents. Motion by Sue Wells, seconded by Sammy Kraft to adjust our mileage reimbursement accordingly passed.

The library will be seeking information for auditors for the coming year.

Motion by Sammy Kraft, seconded by Pam Appleton to adjourn at 8:00 pm passed.

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