The Exploratorium Science Museum
The Exploratorium has a web site of over 15,000 web pages exploring science, art, and
technology including science experiments and activities.

Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Find out how to do a science fair project and get ideas of different projects you can

Science News for Kids
Science news, games and information to keep you up to date on science in the news.

The Why Files
Find out the science behind the headlines.

Thousands of pages of resources on astronomy, planets, comets, astronauts and new
discoveries of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Air and Water Chemistry for Kids
A lot of chemistry is best learned through experimentation. Begin your journey by trying out some online games, reading up on chemistry basics, and conducting a few simple experiments of your own. (Thanks to Julia for recommending this site!)

The Science Behind Glass
Glass is all around us: Get to know the science behind it.