July 12, 2016

Benton Public Library District
Board of Trustees
July 12, 2016
6 PM

The meeting was called to order by President Sue Wells at 6 pm.

Members Present: Stephanie Hart, Christopher Lowery, Jake Seymour (by telephone conference), Kathy Storey, and Sue Wells.

Members Absent: Doris Heaton and Sammy Kraft

Also present: Susan Stickel, Director

Installation of trustees Christopher Lowery and Kathy Storey with Judge Tedeschi presiding.

Motion by Kathy Storey, seconded by Christopher Lowery to approve the minutes of the June 14th, 2016 budget hearing and regular board meeting passed.

Motion by Stephanie Hart, seconded by Kathy Storey to approve payment of bills passed.

Motion by Christopher Lowery, seconded by Stephanie Hart to approve financial reports passed.

Librarian’s Report given by Susan Stickel who reported the Summer Reading Program is in progress and well attended. Longtime employee Mary Eubank’s sister has passed and a plant will be ordered and sent to Mary’s home as arrangements are pending. Longtime employee Ruth Endsley submitted her formal resignation to Susan Stickel. The board unanimously accepted with regret and many thanks to Ruth for her years of dedication to the library.

Motion by Kathy Storey, seconded by Stephanie Hart to give staff members a 5% pay raise. All were in favor, motion passed. Director’s evaluation and raise to be addressed at the August meeting.

Regarding the surplus metal, after the meeting all members would take inventory of the metal.

Clarification was needed regarding computer passes and fines. It was decided 3 free passes a month would continue to be given, however no more records checks for fines from other libraries.

No public comment. Meeting adjourned at 6:39.
Susan Stickel