April 18, 2016

APRIL 18, 2016
6:00 P.M.


The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by President Doris Heaton.

Members Present: Pam Appleton, Stephanie Hart, Doris Heaton, Sammy Kraft, Jake Seymour (by teleconference), Kathy Storey and Sue Wells Guest Speaker Dave Cooper representing the Benton/West City Economic Development Corporation, and Cheryl Glover, library employee. Susan Stickel, Director also Present.

Dave Cooper gave a presentation on the proposed Benton/West City I-57 Expanded Interchange. Dave spoke about the interchange project and its impact on economic development. He encouraged all to go to the website and view the one minute video of the I-57 Expanded Interchange.

Motion by Sammy Kraft to approve the March 8, 2016 minutes passed.

Motion made by Sammy Kraft to approve payment of bills and financial reports passed.

Librarian’s Report – The Per-Capita Grant was awarded, Miller Construction and Erwin Construction have been contacted for roof estimates, and two employees have resigned effective April 30, 2016.

After discussion regarding the current roof situation, motion made by Sammy Kraft to have McClerran Roofing from West Frankfort, IL to repair the roof for now. Susan Stickel will contact.

Old Business: Due to the resignation of Program Director Debby Appleton and with the Summer Reading Program approaching, Doris Heaton spoke to the Park Board to request input regarding the program. The Library is needing a college level intern to be in charge of the program along with help from the staff.

Pam Appleton made the motion to accept the resignation of Debby Appleton, Program Director and Austin Endicott, circulation clerk. The board unanimously voted to accept the resignations with regret.

Jake Seymour recommended hiring another male employee to replace Austin, preferably with an interest and experience in genealogy.

The board discussed a replacement for Debby Appleton. No determination was made at this time, although former children’s librarian and clerk, Jennifer Clinton’s name was mentioned. Susan Stickel will contact Jennifer to see if whe would be interested in returning to work.

Kathy Storey will check on a painting contractor to paint the meeting room. Kathy has the Il Funds forms that need to be completed.

New Business: Susan Stickel presented a staff evaluation form to the board. With suggestions from the board on the form, she will make necessary changes and have all evaluations completed by April 30, 2016

A quote from Tabor Pest Service was presented by Susan in their behalf. It was decided to retain Terminix because of lower bid. Lisa Keener will continue to treat the ares for flea control on an as needed basis as she has in the past. Susan at the board’s recommendation, will have Lisa price check on supplies from Rural King to possibly save on expenses for cleaning supplies for the library.

Regarding the new vapor cigarettes and the library’s policy, Doris suggested we refer to the Smoke-free Illinois Act that we currently abide by and make any necessary changes to the policy manual if needed.

Kathy Storey will send a representative to speak to Susan Stickel regarding credit/debit card monthly fees to see if a more reasonable rate is attainable.

After no further business, Stephanie Hart moved to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:18pm.

Susan Stickel