September 9, 2015



The meeting was called to order by President Doris Heaton at 6:03 pm.

Members present: Pam Appleton, Doris Heaton, Sammy Kraft, and Sue Wells

Members absent: Stephanie Hart, Linda Kraft and Jake Seymour

Also present: Susan Stickel, Librarian

The minutes of the meeting of August 12, 2015 were approved on motion by Sammy Kraft, seconded by Sue Wells.

The financial report and payment of bills were approved on motion by Sammy Kraft, seconded by Pam Appleton.

Susan Stickel presented her librarian’s report

The report of the Program Director was presented as the sheets of information on each program were circulated.

Old Business:
Pam Appleton will serve as chair of the centennial committee. At present the following library personnel will serve on the committee: Pam Appleton, Mary Eubanks, Ruth Montgomery, Debby Appleton, and Jake Seymore. Susan will propose three meeting times and the time will be chosen by concensus.

Action on the replacement of computers was delayed following further information from Lazorware.

Information on the upcoming Christmas Rummage Sale being planned by the staff was distributed. All Christmas items welcome.

Motion by Sue Wells, seconded by Sammy Kraft to add Rules for Public Comments and Recording at Meetings to our Policy Manual passed unanimously.

New Business: The board completed the Illinois State Library Capital Needs Assessment Survey.

Motion by Sammy Kraft, seconded by Sue Wells to add Wednesday Evening to the established list of holidays for the library to be closed passed.

A tentative sign for the outside of the building which the staff is interested in purchasing with their fundraising money was approved.

A proposed program which included overnight stay in the library was rejected by the board.

Doris Heaton
Acting Secretary


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