December 9, 2015

DECEMBER 9, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 by President Doris Heaton.

Members present: Pam Appleton, Doris Heaton, Sammy Kraft and Sue Wells
Members Absent: Stephanie Hart, Linda Kraft and Jake Seymour
Also Present: Susan Stickel, Library Director

A motion by Sammy Kraft to approve the minutes of November 11, 2015 passed.
A motion by Sue Wells to approve the payment of bills passed.
The Librarian’s Report will be forwarded to all.
The Program Director was not present and no report was presented.

Old Business:
The next meeting of the Centennial will be held in January.
New information on the roof will be given to Sue Wells.

New Business:
Ordinance No. 105-15, LEVY ABATEMENT was passed unanimously on a motion by Sammy Kraft.

Sue Wells moved that the meeting dates for 2016 be set for the second Tuesday of the month. Motion passed.

A letter of resignation from the Board of Trustees was received from Linda Kraft due to illness. Motion to accept the resignation of Linda Kraft with deep regret passed.

Motion by Sue Wells to appoint Kathy Storey to fill the open position on the Board of Trustees passed.

Motion by Sammy Kraft to enter Executive Session at 6:20 to discuss personnel passed.

Meeting resumed at 6:35 and adjourned on a motion by Sammy Kraft.

Doris Heaton


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